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Replace three or more event planning tools with Evy today!

If you:

...bring people together

...to a single place

...at a point in time

Then you PLAN EVENTS & EVY is for you!

Testimonials section

EVY is the realization of a personal dream of mine, to enable my wife’s business to be successful and impact the world through technology. I remember the long and stressful nights of event planning while also running a business. Saying to myself, there has to be a better way.

Reduce the amount of emails, applications and spreadsheets needed to plan events

Planners shouldn’t have to juggle dozens of technologies just to plan an event

EVY’s workspace, tools and workflows are built specifically for the needs of event planners.

With all of your event planning tools in one place, we created the workflows required to plan your live, hybrid and virtual event, making it easy to plan events anywhere, anytime, with all your clients, vendors and planning time.

EVY is the event management solution for the modern day event planner.

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A Planning Ecosystem

to manage your planning team, vendors, clients and events.

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Visualize your Events

through data visualization and get clear insights into your team and planning process.

Tools Built to Plan Events

Generic platforms are simply not enough! EVY event tools are specifically designed for the modern event planner.

Task List

Drag & drop, manage & organize planning tasks.


Stop repetitive work by duplicating existing events.


Estimate your event budget, visualize your contracts & track payments.

Guest Management

A CRM built for your attendees. Manage individual guest information and group guests into tables or breakout rooms.

Event day Timelines

Build & visualize event day timelines. Build accountability for every minute of your event day.

Document Uploads

Store and share your documents across your team, vendors and clients.

Run of Show

All of your event day paperwork created and distributed with one click.

& More

New features and updates are frequently added to EVY. We welcome any and all feedback!

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