The EVY Story

  • The beginning

    Lauren & Paul (co-founders of EVY) started an events company from nothing but an idea.


    The difficulties of owning and operating an events company quickly became clear. Orchestrating correspondence between your team, vendors and client, sifting through long email threads for event details and staying one step ahead of our clients presented a monumental challenge.

  • We needed a tool to help us get and stay organized, easily communicate with our clients and vendors, stay on track with our planning milestones and keep track of event details.
    We put together a master google sheet that included all the tabs we needed in order to consolidate our guests lists, create multi-day timelines, allocate coordinators tasks, and manage project due dates all in one place.

  • I tried every project management and CRM tool out there but none of them provided exactly me what I needed. I realized that event planners were an underserved market by the technology industry and realized I was in a unique position to do something about it.

  • THE solution

    Paul built a prototype that included side by side vendor comparisons, event budget breakdowns with a comprehensive payment scheduling system, and guest and task list management tools - all of which became the foundation of EVY.

    EVY is born


We want to invest in the future of the industry by taking it digital and making it easier for planners to bring their businesses online and plan remotely. Our goal is to create an application that encompasses all aspects of your business - team, vendors, clients, and events.

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