Discover how EVY has enabled all event planners to streamline and organize the planning process reducing the cost and complexity of planning live, virtual and hybrid events.


Save time, stay organized and reduce stress

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    EVY allows me to manage and expand my team by enabling me to increase my daily capacity. I'm no longer buried with administrative task work and instead I can focus on growing my business and providing my clients with the best service that I can provide.

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    EVY is an amazing tool for everyone wanting to be in full charge of their event planning and management processes. You can see from the very first clicks that it has been made from event professionals for event professionals, as it covers all aspects of an event planning process. Easy to understand and overview, practical to use, and with lots of dashboards and data monitoring options, it will surely save you time, resources, and effort and increase the efficiency of your team from day one!

Hotels & Venues

Reduce costs and gain insights

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Universities & Students

Innovation in event management technology

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    EVY is the perfect tool for me to educate my students on the workflows and processes of event operations. It also enables my students to develop a technical skill that differentiates them in the market.

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    EVY provides any event planner with all the tools and data insights they need to plan their events and manage their team, streamlining the administrative burden of event planning. When my team and I used Evy planner for our event project, it offered us one, cohesive space to keep us all in sync By using Evy planner, it offered us everything we possibly needed to include in the process leading up to the execution of our event. This encompassed client onboarding, scheduling of event taskwork, assigning team responsibilities, sharing events between teams and seeing our year at a glance to visualize key data insights.

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